So You Want to Attract and Maintain a Relationship with an Aquarian Man?

Have you ever hit it off with an Aquarius guy, only to find him inexplicably disappear from your life soon after?

Have you ever said or done things you thought would draw an Aquarius guy closer to you – only to find him LESS attracted to you, after?

Have you ever been in a happy relationship with an Aquarius man for six months, twelve months, or maybe even longer… But when tried to discuss making a bigger commitment, his eyes just glazed over. And then he became distant from you… and the relationship ended soon after?

You’re not alone.

Aquarius guys are hard to read and even harder to attract.

Aquarian men are notorious bachelors. He likes his independence, so it might seem like he wants to be alone.

But, most Aquarian men do want a partner. A partner who they can give everything to. But most women simply don't understand him. 

So he stays alone.

There are a few people who really get the Aquarian man. 

They can attract him with ease and get him wrapped around their finger in a short amount of time.

You are about to become one of those special few. 

I’m here to help you effortlessly attract the Aquarian men in your life – whether it’s the Aquarian you’re interested in, the Aquarian you’re already with, or the Aquarian you’re about to meet.

So, how can I make dating and attracting an Aquarian man incredibly simple for you? 

The magic comes down to one major principle: to catch him, you must fundamentally understand how he works. And from there, provide him with exactly what he wants in a partner. Simple, as long as you learn from someone who understands him inside and out. (I've got you covered!)

Once you learn how to give your Aquarian man what he wants and needs (even better than he does himself), you’ll have him completely hooked on you. And he’ll chase you to the end of the earth.

This course is all about helping you achieve just that.

The "How to Attract an Aquarius Man" Course Will teach You...

  • The Dynamics Of Attraction And What Makes an Aquarius Man FALL IN LOVE.

  • Traits You Should HIGHLIGHT and Traits you Should REIGN IN.

  • How to DRAMATICALLY Increase Your Value in an Aquarius Man's Eyes

  • Step-by-step Tools Tools to Shift your VIBE and make Him ADDICTED to You!

  • What to Do when He PULLS BACK and How to Get Him Moving Towards You Again

  • How to Connect with His HEART and Build Intimacy Every Moment that You're With Him.

  • How To Relax His Distant Persona and Make Him CRAVE Opening Up to You

  • How to Handle CONFLICT and DISTANCE in a Way That Increases his Attraction for You

  • How to Keep His Attraction for you CONSISTENT and GROWING Throughout the ENTIRE Relationship.

Course curriculum

Make him yours

Don't let your ideal Aquarian man slip through your fingers...


Okay, I get it now

Claire Campbell (Virgo Woman)

Aquarian guys always seemed so flippant to me, and I've never taken them seriously. But I met an Aquarian guy earlier this year that I connected with (he has a Virgo moon, which I like). But I still bumped into issues with him. I'm a serious partner, and he just didn't seem to be ready to dedicate himself to our relationship, even though he clearly liked me. I learned what I was doing wrong in this course. I was definitely doing some things that you cautioned against. I'm a quick learner, though, and applied what you teach. Wow. His demeanor shifted, and he's really opened up to a new level. Our relationship has felt strong lately, and I feel more confident than ever. I want to be with this guy long-term. Thank you, Loren.

You might only get one chance to catch him...

Make it count.

This Course Will Teach You the Simple Principles to Unlock his Heart (That You’re Probably Screwing Up)

8,000+ words of focused attraction strategy. 24 Detail-Rich Lessons - Everything you need to know to attract him and make him yours.