Ready to capture the heart of any Sagittarius man you set your eyes on?

Yeah, that's a bold statement. 

But I mean it. 

With the right tools, you can have this guy eating out of your hand. 

It mind sound crazy. Especially if you've encountered problems like these in the past:

  • You hit it off with a Sagittarius guy, only to find him inexplicably disappear from your life soon after.

  • You said and did things that you were convinced would draw him closer and closer to you – only to find him LESS attracted to you, after.

  • You dated a Sagittarius man for six months, twelve months, or maybe even longer… But when you tried to bring up the topic of making a bigger commitment, his eyes just glazed over. And then he became distant from you.

You’re not alone. This guy is notoriously hard to seduce. Or at least that's how the story goes for most women...

There are a special few women (perhaps you know some) who make it look like attracting a man an effortless affair.

So, you know it's possible. You just have to know what to do.

Luckily for you, I know how these guys tick. I know what turns him on and what turns him off. I also know the basic (and advanced) fundamentals of attracting guys in general. This combined knowledge gives me (and soon, you) a MAJOR advantage. 

I'm excited for you to learn these simple strategies that will make you go from struggling to get a Sag guy, to having him chase after you constantly. 

You're about to become one of those special few women who not only "get" the Sagittarian guy, but can attract him at will.

In reality, the magic comes down to one major principle: To catch him, you must develop a deep understanding of how he works - and then provide him with exactly what he wants in a partner. 

Once you learn how to give the Sagittarius man what he wants and needs (even better than he can do himself), you’ll have him wrapped around your finger. 

And he’ll chase you to the end of the earth.

The "How to Attract a Sagittarius Man" Course Will teach You...

  • How To Relax His Aloofness and Make Him CRAVE Opening Up to You

  • Personal Traits You Should HIGHLIGHT and Traits you Should REIGN IN

  • How to Dramatically Increase Your Value in a Sagittarius Man's Eyes

  • The Dynamics of Attraction And What Makes A Sagittarius Man Fall Deeply in Love

  • Step-by-step Tools Tools to Shift your VIBE and make Him Addicted to You!

  • What to Do when He Pulls Back and How to Get Him Moving Towards You Again

  • How to Connect with His HEART and Build Intimacy Every Moment that You're With Him

  • How to Handle CONFLICT and DISTANCE in a Way That Increases his Attraction for You

  • How to Keep His Attraction for you CONSISTENT and GROWING Throughout the ENTIRE Relationship.

Course curriculum

Make him yours

Don't let your ideal Sagittarian man slip through your fingers...


Feeling Grateful and in Control

Ellen Dosser (Libra Woman)

My dad is a Sagittarius, and I've always been drawn to Sagittarius partners. Your course helped me understand him and my partners past and present in ways I never thought I could. I feel way more in control of my relationships.

Finally Understanding This Guy!

Cara Beauchene (Aries Woman)

Oh my god. Sagittarian men have always pissed me off. But at the same time I'm hopelessly drawn to them. It's always been so frustrating! Thank you for helping me better understand their behavior. I'm starting to feel more more calm and playful around him instead of just frustrated.

Our Relationship Really Needed This

Allison Clark (Cancer Woman)

The man I've been dating for the last year and a half is a Sagittarius. He's confused the hell out of me! I love him, but I'm not used to a partner who's so different from me. A few months ago we started drifting apart due to misunderstandings. But after going through your course I understand and appreciate him much more. Our intimacy has majorly improved over the last month. Thank you!


Happy to Be Feeling Close Again

Amanda Miller (Taurus Woman)

My Sagittarian guy has always been sweet to me (we've been together for three years). But we haven't felt very close for the past year. After using all of the tools and advice in your course for the past month I just had my partner text me to say that I am an amazing woman, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me (I had been getting worried) ! I'm so happy to have things back on track with him!

No More Dread!

Meghan Williams (Virgo Woman)

I've always felt a subtle dread in my relationships with Sagittarian men. But I've kept coming back to them because I love them. About a year ago I discovered that most of my feelings of dread come from control issues I inherited from my mom. I've gone to therapy and am working through these issues, but thanks to your course I can now at least feel in total around Sagittarius guys.

Always Loved Them but Never Understood Them

Andrea Vikkers (Taurus Woman)

I've always found Sagittarian men intriguing, but I've never been able to get them to hold an interest in me. My girlfriends would just tell me that Sag guys are flakes and can't commit to anyone or anything... I believed them for years and stayed disappointed. Now that I've learned how the Sagittarius mind works, I realize I was just boring them to tears! I've since kicked my Taurus butt in gear and made myself much more interesting to the Sagittarian guys in my life.

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